Got Ya day

I heard a great expression the other day. Someone asked how long Chico had been with me and I said “Just over two years now.” “Oh, do you celebrate his Got Ya day? The date he came to you.”

Regular readers will know that I picked Chico’s Got Ya day as his birthday when I registered him in the AKC Canine Partners program (see Happy Birthday Chico). I am delighted by the concept of a Got Ya day, and if I knew Chico’s real birthday, I assure you, we would celebrate both.

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1 Response to Got Ya day

  1. Michelle Cleveland says:

    Thanks for the perfect timing of this blog, Annie. Yesterday, was our cairn terrier’s first Got Ya day with our family–Razzle Dazzle was 5 months when we picked her up on February 15, 2011. She got a wee nibble of a piece of local lamb chop to celebrate.

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