Chico goes to Canada, part two

Algonquin Provincial Park is a huge area, about 2 hours from both Toronto and Ottowa. Our arrival was right in the middle of a three day weekend, so the campground was pretty full when Chico and I arrived. Our spot was one spot away from the lake front, with trees and a breeze that kind of kept the bugs away. Our neighbors had dogs, so we were not the only campsite that barked at passers by.

Chico and I arrived about 4:30, Mila and Christina arrived at about 6 and we made camp and cooked some dinner.

Dinner time at the campground. By the next morning, we had decided to move the picnic table INSIDE the screen house. Little did we know, the Canadian Blackflies know how to ride inside on your head, shoulders, back and bug you inside what you think is a safe space.

The next morning we took a three hour hike to Butler’s Rocks. The trails are well used and easy to follow and we saw wonderful things.

Things like this place where the tree roots and water and reflection made a heart shape.

Dogs have to be on a leash *everywhere* in the park, but when we got to this little lake, I broke the rules for a few minutes so Chico could have a dip.

The trail leaves lake level and climbs, slowly, to a fantastic out cropping of rock that overlooks the lake we were camped on.

Obligatory “we made it” shot.

There were other groups taking the same walk, so there was someone to take the “we made it” shot of our whole group.

The descent from this walk uses a loooong set of stairs.

I dropped the leash to take this pic and Chico was off to see what lay ahead.

We spent a relaxing afternoon taking showers and doing laundry, visiting the visitor’s center (no dogs allowed, no shade in the parking lot, I sat outside in the car, turning on the AC when it got too warm) and getting some firewood so we could have a camp fire that evening.

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