If everything goes to plan. . .

by the time you read this Chico and I will be started on our giant field trip across America, in my car, to California and back. We’ll be exploring new places, trying a couple of agility trials in new places, taking care of some business, and visiting friends and family.

It's still winter, so I'm planning a southerly route.

It’s still winter, so I’m planning a southerly route.

We’ll head south to Virginia and North Carolina, before heading west to arrive near Dallas Texas in time for an agility trial on March 3. I’ve planned a full day in Asheville, NC, and short driving days with plenty of time to stop, walk the dog, and look around.

My list of places to visit and people to see is too long for the number of days I have to make this trip, so surely some places and people will not get visited, but an ideal itinerary takes me from the Dallas area to Tucson, over the border to visit a friend 20 miles south of Tijuana, then to my cousin north of San Diego; north through California to Santa Cruz, the Bay Area including Marin County, a side trip to Humbolt County, then an agility trial in Sacramento on March 23, and east to the Grass Valley, CA area, on to Denver, north (here’s a detour) to Chisholm, MN to see my mother’s home town, then back around the southern sides of the Great Lakes, passing by Worthington, Ohio to see my cousin and his family, returning to New Hampshire by April 13. Sound a bit ambitious to anyone else?

I’ll do my best to post every day or two and let y’all know of our adventures.

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