It would be a very boring video…

if I had it to show. On Monday, at agility class, there were two different times when we were running a whole course (instead of say, doing a short sequence) and I took Chico to the start line, asked him to “wait” and then got distracted by something Julie wanted to show me, or have me try.* Both times, Chico sat, attentive to me but unmoving, for about two minutes. that’s a really long time for a creature with the emotional maturity and self-control of a five year old human. I was so proud of him, I could have burst.

Yesterday I had a haircut and then some errands to do. Chico came along, but had to stay in the car the whole time (when I’m putting up a notice on the bulletin board at the supermarket, he just can’t help me), so on the way home, we stopped at the pond for a break. And the file of that picture is somehow corrupted, so I can’t show you that adventure either. I can report that Chico went wading, got the zoomies, and went wading again.

*For example, at one point she had us take a jump we’d already taken from the other side. Keeping the obstacles in the same order while having the dog jump from the other side changes things, and in this case, makes them harder.

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