AKC in Shelburne, VT, Saturday’s runs

I won’t string this out forever, below are Saturday’s runs.

The day started with Jumpers (all the contact obstacles were already off the course from the previous afternoon’s Jumpers), and ended with Standard.

In Jumpers, Chico dropped a bar, got the wrong (harder) end of the tunnel, did most of his weave poles, but with good attitude; then I forgot the course, but we had a nice closing once I remembered where we were supposed to go (blush).

Here’s that run:

In Standard, Chico missed number four because I didn’t support him well enough (I looked away before he committed to the jump) and I didn’t even notice, and if I had, we could have gone back. Dang. This handler needs to be more aware out there on the course! But other than that, and a small miscommunication at the bottom of the A-Frame, it was a pretty nice run.

And here’s that run:

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