Chico’s new pack at WMA

Hi everyone, this is Julie Daniels of White Mountain Agility.  I finally figured out how to post on Annie’s blog.  It was much harder than training and caring for her wonderful dog.

While Annie is traveling the world, Chico has been with us at WMA for 7 whole weeks now!  His family here, which is 12 miles from his home, has included my 3 Border Collies, their Lab brother Myler, and a host of other Board-and-Train visitors over those weeks.

At WMA the family is constantly expanding and contracting around our core dogs as the visiting dogs come for Board-and-Train Camp with me.  By now Chico is one of the core dogs!  In the last several weeks Chico has also lived here with two yellow Labs, another Border Collie or two, or three, a Sheltie, and currently a 1-yr-old Dalmatian named Atty, who was a challenge at first.  But now she is well adjusted to Chico’s ways, and they both know that I will help them turn tension into play if need be.  All 5 dogs and I are now sacking out peacefully together.

I will try to post a picture or two, but first I will just try get this brief written word out to all of Chico’s friends.

By the way, Chico has lost a bit of weight and has pretty good muscle tone now!  He runs out into the yard each morning, whereas he used to saunter.  I suppose sauntering wasn’t really working well, since all the other dogs burst out by him and he was apt to get bumped.  He hates that!  So moving quickly has proven worthwhile.  But he’s a new man on our hikes as well.  He cavorts and turbos when he has extra joyful energy but doesn’t want to run with the other dogs.  It’s adorable.  It’s his way of playing rough with me instead of with them.  I’m very impressed with how well he has adjusted.

I have gone over to Annie’s house a total of three times in her absence.  Chico goes along each time.  The first time was a little sad because he thought he was there to stay.  But without Annie there he was a good sport about leaving with me when I asked him to.  The second and third times he has been delighted to be there, helping me in the garden and such, finding a favorite toy; but understands about leaving and hops pleasantly into the car when it’s time.  He is a bright and sensitive dog, with the most beautiful dark eyes.

Thanks to Annie for setting me up to be able to post about Chico’s stay at WMA!

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3 Responses to Chico’s new pack at WMA

  1. Rachel says:

    Chico’s so lucky to have such caring friends to vacation with! And yes… his eyes are just the best.

  2. Nancy Sheridan says:

    How wonderful to hear that Chico is doing so well. I’m not surprised. Dogs thrive in Julie’s presence! How great he is doing so well with other dogs!

  3. juliedaniels2013 says:

    Thank you Rachel and Nancy! Do you know how to post a picture to the blog? I’d love to share!

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