Factory dog


This pup was at  small “factory” in Samarkand that makes paper from mulberry bark.

I saw a number of dogs with ears clipped off like his, one presumes that it is done in puppyhood, like other cosmetic procedures (tail docking on Rottweilers, whatever that is called that is done to Collies to make their ears all perky), but I didn’t find out why.

Too bad he is chained, but considering the number of loose dogs I saw along the highways, he’s probably living the good life – at least for an Uzbek doggie.

And the roof of his little house is rather attractive, don’t you think?

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1 Response to Factory dog

  1. Mados says:

    Just a guess: maybe it is to prevent flybites. I don’t know if they have that kind of flies in that area though… Here in Australia flies often eat the tip of the ears of outdoor dogs, especially sled dog breeds but also others… leaving open wounds that grow bigger and bigger inwards from the tip of the ears until eventually the ears are completely gone.

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