My young friend in Telluride is living in a really nice housemate situation. There’s an enough-but-not-too-much older couple that own the home, they rent the basement as a separate apartment, but on friendly terms with the occupant; and they sometimes rent the extra upstairs bedroom. Which is where my friend is. Nice people, nice location, nice scene.

And the guy in the downstairs is a manager at a fancy hotel, the Camel’s Garden, right in downtown Telluride, right at the base of the gondola that runs to the ski slopes. And he generously got me a deal on a room for a night.

A room with room to move. And a fireplace.

A room with room to move. And a fireplace.

More room than we'd had in weeks.

More room than we’d had in weeks.

A man on the street assured me that right in that part of town it was OK to have Chico off leash. As the speed limit in the whole town is 15 MPH and Chico has a great car recall, I tried it. It was fun, and fine. No growls, no trouble. Yay.

The door from my room to the outdoors put one steps from the bottom of the gondola that goes up and over the mountain, and also a smaller ski lift that wasn't operating at the time.

The door from the room to the outdoors put one steps from the bottom of the gondola that goes up and over the mountain, and also a smaller ski lift that wasn’t operating at the time.


So, we hopped on the gondola, in the special pet friendly car.

At first, Chico wasn’t so sure.

Gondola 1

But he gained confidence.

Gondola 2

Gondola 5

And fairly quickly just settled down and enjoyed the whole thing. Settled down is indicated by the fact that he stopped mouth breathing.

The gondola goes to Mountain Village where there’s lots of shopping, condos, gazillion dollar homes, a conference center, and a few of the things real towns have – I saw a bank. As a “I’m terrified of standing on slippery boards at the top of a hill” non-skier, I was impressed by the steepness and length of the runs. Which you actually can’t see in the following picture, but as we passed the steep parts, I was too engrossed in watching people ski and board down them, and admiring what I consider their bravery, to remember to take a picture.

Gondola 4Chico and I walked around Telluride a bit, looking at neat old houses and quirky businesses; I deposited a couple pair of too-large pants in the famous Telluride Free Box, and got a coffee. Back at the hotel, I used the second floor, outdoor hot tub with a view, then took my young friend out for dinner. After dinner we took another ride on the gondola – how pretty at night with all the lights. And they have blankets for your lap.

The next day we walked a path along the river that I was assured was OK for off-leash walking. Then I went to Brown Dog Pizza, when my pal is a host for lunch. It was not entirely successful. Foolishly, I didn’t prepare Chico with any sort of training and when he was tied up outside the restaurant, he barked. And barked. And after I quieted him and went back in, he barked some more. Over and over. Until they came to me to say that there are dog police in Telluride and my dog was in danger of getting reported and ticketed. So I had them pack up my sandwich and I ate it on a bench on the street.

Then we headed for Moab, Utah and a room selling at one tenth the price of our luxury adventure.

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2 Responses to Telluride

  1. I think the pics of Chico on the gondola ride are my fav posts yet. And tell that young friend of yours we said hello!

  2. annieriecken says:

    I have to agree that those are some of the best Chico pix ever. he’s SO handsome, and SO photogenic.

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