Davenport Landing beach

It took weeks, but we finally got directed to a beach were dogs are welcome and there are not thirty-five dogs running around. The beach on Davenport Landing Road calls itself a “family friendly” beach, and that family must be dog friendly because I couldn’t find a sign anywhere saying “no dogs” or “dogs on leash only.”

Davenport 1

Down to the beach,

Down to the beach,

for some runnin' and sniffin'.

for some runnin’ and sniffin’.

We walked towards those cliffs,

with sniffing,

with sniffing,


and climbing.

Until it was time to go back the other way.

For once I got a head start on Chico and could take a picture of him coming *toward* me.

For once I got a head start on Chico and could take a picture of him coming *toward* me.

A bit further down the beach we met a yellow mixed breed and his person. At first he and Chico stood about ten feet apart and looked at each other, tails gently waving. Then they turned and each went about his own business while the woman and I chatted. I get so excited that Chico is doing well with other dogs, and I don’t like to put a lot of attention on them – the combination makes me not get pictures of these successful unfamiliar-dog-encounters. But they are happening with increasing success and increasing frequency. Seems that travel is good for this dog. Yay.



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