Tourist Chico

On the way to Sadie’s house (where we went on the way to a USDAA agility trial in Dixon), we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge. It was clear and nice and Tuesday, so there was some room in the parking lot on the north end and I stopped and played tourist.

Can you tell that I am a novice at selfies?

Can you tell that I am a novice at selfies?

The view area is surrounded by a three or four foot tall rock wall, and while there is ground about eight feet below on the far side, it sure doesn’t look like it. Especially if you are only a four footed guy less than two feet tall.

When I first I lifted Chico up to take a look, and he was pretty unsure – he pressed against me and I got this arty shot.


I like it.

Though there were high clouds, the views were great. Here’s Chico, sniffing the breeze:

As usual, views don't impress him. For Chico, the important data is gathered with his nose.

As usual, views don’t impress. For Chico, the important information is gathered with his nose. And, in this case, his mouth. He’s facing the wind and kind of tasting the air. He probably knows what they had for lunch on that freighter.


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