Big bone

My reading says that raw bones are both safe and good for dogs, especially for keeping teeth clean. I prefer to give my dog a bone to spending time brushing his teeth, thank you very much.

Beef leg bones were available at the market last week*, so I got one for Chico. He’s not usually much for bones bigger than his head, but every day or so, he takes a stab at it.

"You're pointing that thing at me again. Does it want my bone?"

“You’re pointing that thing at me again. Does it want my bone?”

And yes, that is another bone right next to him. I’m not sure where it was hidden, but suddenly he had two.

"OK, I guess I can get back to work on this."

And you can tell which one he preferred – at least in that moment.

And, yes, I guess I do let him do that on my nice living room rug. Oh well, it’s just stuff, and he’s my dog.

* I just about haunt that corner of the meat cases where they sell extra parts of animals, looking for bones and ingredients for homemade treats.

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