Hunting season is till open

Yesterday Chico and I stopped on the way home from Conway to walk on the road that leads to the parking for Heron Pond. It’s a half mile long, rolling, sanded and plowed road that gets little use. I didn’t have gear for snow walking with me (the leader of the stay-in-your-jammies-and-do-stuff-around-the-house-til-10 movement had to be at the tire place for an alignment at 7AM and left with minimal preparations), so the road seemed like a great place to stretch our legs.

Chico generally trots ahead, sniffing and moving on. I was taking some video of our walk when he found something worth deeper investigation. Warning – it is a small, not-bloody, part of a deer, so if that is going to upset you, please, avert your eyes for a few seconds at around the 30 second mark.

See, my genteel dog (well, OK, in this case) would rather pee on a tree than mix it up with strange animal parts.

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