Saturday’s Standard run

I have these videos, it helps me to watch them so I can describe what happened to us to you – the reader. That seems to help me process the run, at least seeing the errors it is too late to correct can help me improve future performance. And I say me because almost everything that goes wrong on course can be attributed to “operator error” – a mis-step or mis-direction on my part.

Obstacle 2, the tire, Chico looks committed, but then he runs out on it. I think I looked away too soon? There’s our common issue with the weave poles, but once we get into them, my little steppy-thing does motivate Chico to go faster and faster. Then, after the dog walk, he missed my pickup, ignored my deceleration and request to “wait” so we could make a turn, and went charging straight ahead for the last jump. Then he hopped onto the see-saw without going through the yellow part at the bottom – which can be dangerous for the dog and thus a fault. From there, the whole closing, is very nice.

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