Agility Adventure

Chico seems to be doing well. He can run in the deep snow on an hour walk and come home sound. I have a stretching plan for him from Dr Amanda, for before and after running agility. We have one class on Saturday, Performance Speed Jumping. Courses in PSJ have weaves (something we’re avoiding because it puts more torque on the sore area than do running and jumping) and A-frame and jumps and tunnels. You can encounter the weaves twice or the A-frame twice. I promised the doc that if there are two sets of weaves in our course (which I can’t know until we drive two and a half hours to the trial site and get the course map), I would pull Chico from that class.

In that case, we will retire to the motel, a convenient ten minutes away, sit out an overnight snow storm,

Weather forecast for Westborough, MA, our destination for the weekend.

Weather forecast for Westborough, MA, our destination for the weekend.

and go back the next day to see if we can make it through Standard, Gamblers (where I can avoid the weaves), and Pairs (where I can ask my partner to take the half of the course with the weaves).

I figure that by the time we are ready to head home on Sunday, the worst of the weather will be past us, pounding the coast from Boston to Bangor, and we’ll be inland of that.

My pal Chico knows that we’re going somewhere, he doesn’t know yet exactly what is going to happen, but he is chillin’ near me:

"Toys? Keep your stinking toys, there's change in the air and you cannot placate me."

“Toys? No thanks, don’t want to be distracted from keeping my attention on your actions”

I explained it once, I’ll do it again, but he’ll still be super attentive to me all day.

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