Plans are made to be changed

Blizzard watch for tomorrow, but I have a plan. We got up this morning, drove through light snow, arrived at the trial at 10, rather earlier than I thought we needed to be, but I didn’t know but that people would cancel and things would be going faster than I had estimated. Things were not moving faster than I estimated, in fact, they might have been going a bit slower. Looked at the course map, only one set of weaves, so it complied with the master plan. The weather for Sunday afternoon/evening was looking dicey – no more snow, but lots of wind blowing the new snow around, so the plan evolved into, do the PSJ run and go home, tuck in, wait for the snow to end. After all, we’re sparing Chico’s sore muscle and eating entry fees doesn’t make me special.

So we waited, we walked, we went inside and looked around with cookies, did some paying stuff with the practice jump, walked again, sat in the car and made phone calls.

Finally, the Team Gamblers runs were over and the course builders took over the ring. And they started building for Snooker, the class that was supposed to be after ours. So I went and looked at the schedule, and they had changed our class to the last class of the day. That would mean running at about 3 or 4 PM, another three hours. AND driving home in the dark.

My read of the weather was that if I didn’t get home by dark tonight, I was going to be in a hotel until Monday morning. That plan didn’t really work for me.

So, I crossed us off the list and made a note that we were going home and wouldn’t be back tomorrow, called and canceled the hotel reservation, and we went home. There’s gonna be plenty of chances to try again. And we did some good work today, the kind of work we haven’t done for a while – just go to a trial without competing – and while this paid, it didn’t pay as well as when we run. I’d like to think we built desire for future competitions.


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  1. riverdogfarm says:

    Smart move

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