Lions and tigers and bears – oh my!

Well, not really, but I have been feeling a bit wild-eyed lately, planning a kitchen, probably without enough professional help and it has kept me from sharing a fun run from what is now close to two weeks ago.

It’s me and Chico, not giving a hoot about anything but doing our version of going ninety miles an hour and caring more about speed than about exact precision. Look at that dog when he’s down on the table – happy, happy, happy.

And I’m pretty happy about this Performance Speed Jumping run from that weekend too. Here Chico owns the weaves, once he gets started right. No refusals called in this class, so we’re slow but qualifying.

And that’s a goal attained. We have plenty of room for improvement between now and October, but when that time comes around, we’re eligible to enter Performance Speed Jumping at nationals, Cynosport. I didn’t think we’d do that before summer.

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