Oh dear, Chico really IS fat

My niece just sent me a picture of Chico when he was first with their family.

IMG_9540Yes, that’s a toy sword. I don’t know the story either. But look how much thinner he was then. He has a waist. His little weenie sticks down into view. These days that is, ummm, better hidden by, ummm, belly fat.

I challenge us to get the weight off him.


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2 Responses to Oh dear, Chico really IS fat

  1. Yeah, Cocoa is fat too. Maybe that sardine peanut butter treat wasn’t such a great idea 😎

    • annieriecken says:

      I would like to take the credit but your dog didn’t get fat from that one indulgence. Just like us, it is a slow, insidious, creep from eating more than we need to for the number of calories burned.

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