Our collective condition

Chico’s eyelid is much better, he started to scratch at it yesterday and when I looked, the stitches were starting to dissolve and fly around his eye and into his field of vision, so I quick pulled out the remaining thread and he hasn’t bothered with it again.

My ankle is much better, I’m on an exercise plan to strengthen it, and we seem to have success – I ran this weekend without a brace and everything was fine. At least, I didn’t fall down or anything.

Two weeks ago, we went to get cleared to run by my exercise coach, and were so late to an AKC trial that we missed the walk through AND our turn in Jumpers. They very kindly put us in at the end of the class. I watched others run and knew the opening and the closing but was shade unsure about the middle. Went to the start line, caught the judge’s eye, said, “I don’t know the course, and I have a bum ankle, but we’re gonna give it a try.” It was amusing, and successful.  Number 12 was a tunnel, and they say while Chico was in the tunnel my wondering “Now, where’s 13?” was done aloud. Nice one. Good thing I don’t have a really fast dog. Yet we had a perfect, if not speedy, run. Made course time, got a Q, finished our Excellent Jumpers title. Go figure. My classmates present said I should never walk a course again. I’m not going for it, but it did illustrate that over preparation is not my friend. And that weekend we got our P2 Standard title in USDAA too.

No video of those runs, what I can offer is our first try at P1 Snooker. Someone much more experienced than I, when asked for a little help, took charge and designed me a course (I wish she’d helped me instead because I would have learned more about the strategy, oh well be careful what you ask for) but it was a course that worked and that we could execute, so we did well.


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