Busy, busy, busy



Chico got a new back on track jacket, to help with any aches or pains he has. Its supposed to help increase blood flow. I have to presume that he is as generally achy as I am, because he’s in dog years just about as old as I am, and my vet says this could help with that.
Lucy has been learning to pee and poop at times that are convenient for me. She’s also been working on her agility very, very hard. Last Friday we tried the Intro level classes in USDAA, and she ran well three times. We were in the ribbons in Snooker, she even won the class. A little too slow to qualify in Gamblers,  but a very good run.
I’m interested in a breed of dog called the English Shepherd and have been looking at them, reading about them, and meeting them for a couple months. I am now approved to adopt from the National English Shepherd Rescue, and I am going to apply to foster dogs for them. The organization seems to be very good at matching dogs and people, they know about me and they know about Chico, they are not going to send dogs here that they don’t think will work out with him. And of course we all hope that one of the fosters they send here will be the dog that’s going to live with me and Chico.


And I spend far too much time just watching the river. It freezes and thaws, the water level goes up and down,  the ice paints pictures … it’s hard to take my eyes off it.

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  1. riverdogfarm says:

    Have you talked with Mary Champagne?

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