Chow time



Lucy is in the land of collies right now, and Chico has been enjoying being an only dog.
On our walk Monday we found a place we are some small rodent has been eating


a lot.
I made a small error in judgement when I thought this house was a perfect place for dogs. The house next door is rented as a vacation rental. It sits empty for weeks at a time, and then a bunch of strange cars arrive all at once, doors bang; from two windows in my house, right at dog height, there is a clear view of all the action. The house is also in clear sight when we go for a walk or go to the car. Last time there were guests, the dogs twice went running over there barking, and that seems to have upset them enough that they complained to the homeowner who forwarded their complaint to me. Until we perfect her recall, and/or I get some fencing, Lucy is going to be spending a lot more time in the land of collies than at my house.

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