Old dogs, new tricks

Chico is about twelve years old.

Last night I took him in for a turn in Bonney’s “Empowerment” class. Most of the dogs in the group are younger, like Bonney, and the idea is to let them develop a desire to explore new things in a confident way. Strange sounds, sudden movements – if they learn to associate surprise with happy surprise, their whole life is just easier; and if they are going to do dog sports, it’s a real good start to all that they will be learning.

Chico stood with his front paws on a Lazy Susan while it spun. He balanced on fitness equipment. He wiggled his body through the opening created by the arm of a turned over plastic patio chair. His sister couldn’t do that.

Julie recorded us working on the chair:

Old dogs do learn new things, and it keeps them young.


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1 Response to Old dogs, new tricks

  1. nancybj says:

    Gooooo, Chico!


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