Snow game!

The first dozen times I shoveled snow this winter I thought I was gonna lose my mind. Bonney barked at the shovel; she leapt up in the air to slam her paws into a shovel full of snow, spilling it everywhere – the human couldn’t get anything done without crating her or tying her to the porch railing (where she was silent – go figure).

We worked with treats for being quiet, and I got her pretty civilized.

Then yesterday we discovered a great new game. She climbs up on a snow mound, and as I fling the snow over her way, she makes a giant, twisting leap to try and catch some of the snow in her mouth. Like those dogs that catch frisbees.

OK, that doesn’t sound nearly as fun as it actually is. I’ll try to rig my camera and get some video of it the next time we shovel.

This is my first attempt at capturing the action. I need better camera placement.

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