At the market

On the way to last week’s trial, we had dinner with Chico’s friend Pepper and his person, my old college pal, Sadie. We walked to the market for supplies and while Sadie shopped, I managed the dogs.

Pepper spent his time watching the porch of the store, waiting for Sadie to come back.

Pepper spent his time watching the porch of the store, waiting for Sadie to come back.

Chico seemed to wonder what was wrong with Pep.

Or am I anthropomorphizing?

Or am I anthropomorphizing?

Pepper was quiet (I heard that sometimes he gets so upset at Sadie leaving him with someone else that he whines and barks), but so intent on watching the entrance to the store


that I finally went up on the porch and sat in a chair. Pepper watched to doors and so did I, but he let me know Sadie was coming before I saw her. They’re so smart.

Chico likes Pepper, just about as much as I’ve seen him like any dog. Since that day Chico went to Point Isabelle with Pepper he seems to be more likely to have successful encounters with unfamiliar dogs. I remember reading some research results indicating that dogs are able to model behaviors. Perhaps on that Point Isabelle day Chico was ready to receive and he saw how Pepper handled dog encounters (endlessly and relentlessly cheerful and happy to meet someone new) and learned from it. Or perhaps it was something else he and I have done that makes it easier to have a social life of his own.

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